Murphy Beds Ideas

With house prices as high as they are, many of us are unable to buy or up-size to a house large enough to meet our needs and have to make the most of the space we have. Whether it’s making room for a growing family, fitting in an office or finding somewhere to set up that gym, with space at a premium a little thought is needed to get the most out of our homes. It really all comes down to some careful planning and using furniture that utilizes every bit of space.Get additional information at murphybeds.

Guest rooms are a prime example of wasted space, many of us have a room set aside for visitors, which for 95% of the time is unused – wouldn’t it make sense to use this room for another purpose and on the rare occasion that someone does stay, have the means to quickly and easily turn it back into a comfortable guest room. Knowing what you want to use the room for is key to choosing the type of bed that would best suit your situation. Here are a few possibilities you may want to consider:

Murphy bed – a bed that folds away when not in use. The Murphy wall beds fold away into a wardrobe shaped housing leaving the room free to be used for what ever you want – ideal for a gym or office.

Sofa bed – allowing the room to be used as a second lounge – so you can clear the kids out, and regain control of the remote.

Futon – again folds away to create a sofa

EZ bed – a comfortable self-inflating/deflating bed that comes in a large carryall size bag, which has a handle and wheels for easy moving. You basically wheel it in, unzip it, plug it in and watch it self-erect, extending out the bed base as the mattress inflates.

Need more space for the kids?

You may be finding that storage has become an issue or the kids need somewhere to study, by making better use of the space, a solution can most likely be found. Again the choice of bed can make all the difference:

Bunk beds – if you need to fit two kids into one room, bunks have always been a popular option allowing you to fit in two beds without using up valuable floor space.

Captain beds – give you extra storage, with draws incorporated in the base.

Loft beds – are raised and can come with a combination of draws, wardrobes, seating or workstations built-in, using every inch of valuable space to the max. Trundle bed – a spare bed that neatly hides away under the main bed. What every your reason is for wanting to create more space,